The senior experience


Sitting Fee

All senior sessions have a $150 sitting fee. The sitting fee covers a one hour session with three outfit changes and up to two locations. $75 is due at time of booking and locks in pricing and rep referral specials. (the $75 is nonrefundable) The remainder of the sitting fee is due at the time of your session.

Viewing and Ordering

A few weeks after your session your photos will be put on an online gallery for you and your family to enjoy. From the online gallery you will be able to order digital downloads, prints, announcements and much more.

Ordering prices

You can order your photos as a package or a la carte.

a la carte pricing

Prints- Wallets 4-$8  5x7-$15 8x10-$35  11x14-$45 16x20-$75

High Resolution Digital download- $35 per image   

$350 all images as a digital download

Custom announcement set of 22-$65 two-sided 5x7 flat card with envelopes

Custom Album 6x8 20 pages -$100 

Packages (packages do not include sitting fee)

Package 1-$250 2-5x7, 1- 8x10 1-11x14 and 5 photos as digital downloads.

Package 2 $350 2-5x7, 4-8x10, 1-16x20 10 images digital download.

Package 3 $450 4-5x7, 4-8x10, 1-16x20 all images digital download 22 custom announcements



When should I take senior photos?

The summer after your junior year is when senior photo season officially starts. Most high schools require you to take yearbook photos during the summer before you start your senior year. You will need to check in with your school about what is required.

As for photos with Christal Anderson Photography, summer is a great time to take photos. You have more flexibility in your schedule and the weather is great. If you would rather take photos later in the school year, I am here for that too. It's best to make an appointment early even if it is 4 to 6 months out. By making an appointment, you lock in pricing and any specials going on at the time.

How long will my session take and how many outfits can I have?

Your photo session will take approximately one hour and will take place at the location of your choice.
I suggest at lest three outfits but we can work in more if you are fast at changing.

Can I take senior photos with a friend?

Yes, you are more than welcome to have a friend join you for a few of your senior photos at no extra charge. Just let me know ahead of time that you have a friend joining us.

Should my parents come to my session?

Your parents are welcome to come if they would like to. I may have them stand off to the side while we take pictures because it is hard to be comfortable while someone is staring at you.

How long does it take before I get to see my pictures?

It take two weeks before you pictures will be ready for you to view on an online gallery. Once you place your order, your photos that are digital downloads will be immediately emailed to you and prints or other orders will take two weeks to be processed.