Get Ready to Smile...

What to wear? That is the big question RIGHT....

Match Your Personality! It is important that you wear clothing that is comfortable to you and match your own personal style, BE YOU.

It is best if you bring at least three outfits to your photo session. One outfit that is something you typically wear–something casual that makes you feel comfortable your “normal” self. Another outfit that tells who you are or might involve what you love to do, sports, letterman jacket. Lastly bring an outfit that is a bit more dressy/special–something you pick out specifically for photos and that makes you feel FABULOUS.

That being said there are a few things that don't photograph well so you will want to stay way from neon colors, all black outfits, fabrics that are prone to wrinkling or cling to you in unflattering ways and graphic shirts with big words or logos. Also please make sure you watch for tan lines when picking out clothes and that wear appropriate underclothing that dose not show.

How to get ready for your senior photo session?

For the Girls We suggest you wear your hair in the style you would wear it on a day you want to look nice at school or going to party. Not to fancy but lets your beauty shine through. Quick changes to your hair style can be done during your session, however this does cut into the session time. We also suggest that you trim your hair a couple of weeks before your session so that your ends are fresh. Don't over do make up but take the time to do your eyelashes and put on some lip color. You may even want to get you hair and make done.

For the Guys It’s best if you schedule a hair cut 1 – 2 weeks in advance of your portrait session, this will give it a little time to grow out. We suggest shaving the morning of your session (be careful not to nick your skin)!

What to bring to your session.

Bring at least three outfits, casual, dressy, sporty....

Bring clothes free of wrinkles on hangers.

Also I love props that help illustrate your hobbies, personality, or even future plans so bring those along too. If you need help coming up with some prop ideas feel free to give me a call.

I am always here to talk about personalized your photo session and go over outfits so feel free to text or call me at 805.212.2323